Hello there! I'm Haley — a designer, reader, draw-er and coffee drinker living in the heart of Texas.

I spend my days optimizing user experiences at Clearhead. If you're interested in collaborating, getting caffeinated, or being e-penpals, let me know.

Haley on a Segway
This is me on a Segway. I'm not usually on a Segway.

"I was born standing up and talking back."
— My Driver's Ed Instructor

I grew up in Beyonce's hometown where I collected rocks, spent most days playing outside and wanted to be an artist. After eighteen years in clutch city, I packed the essentials and moved to San Marcos — one of the best towns in Texas. Four years, a lot of all-nighters and breakfast tacos later, I earned my BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University.

Diploma in hand and the real world calling, I moved to Alaska to work on a glacier cruise. Alaska is beautiful. And a little weird, but mostly beautiful. The long summer days ended and the termination dust arrived and the time came to head back to the heat.

My next adventure brought me to the man-made shores of the Netherlands where I interned at Studio Boot and discovered my love of herring, cheese, the color orange, chocolate sprinkles and the Dutch.

Next stop and current city: land of tacos, sunshine, live music and heat, Austin, Texas. It's true what they say, it is pretty awesome here. I joined the start-up world for a while and whet my whistle for user experience design. Now I spend my days at Clearhead optimizing user experiences and playing ping pong.

I try to spend time doing the things that are important to me: learning, spending time with friends, traveling, drawing and coffee. If you're interested in collaborating or being friends, let me know.



Cuvee Coffee Cubero

Guatemala Finca El Injerto - Bourbon
Stumptown Coffee Roasters


Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Yes Please
Amy Poehler

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